Showing your home some love

Thursday Feb 09th, 2017


Tomorrow is Valentine’s day. A day where we show those we love how much they mean to us. But when was the last time you showed your home some love?


Your home needs attention just like people do. Here are some quick ideas to bring back the love without spending a lot of cash.


There is no quicker way or less expensive way to change the feel of a room than with paint. Add a pop of colour on an accent wall, change out the ceiling colour, or paint the furniture. Just a little can go a long way and its typically something you can do yourself!


Is your room too dark? Are the shades on your lamps screaming for the 90’s to come back? Swapping out lighting fixtures or simply the shades on existing ones can go a long way to change the feel of a room. Or, feeling a little more daring…paint them! I took out all of the old light fixtures from our upstairs, spread out some cardboard on the driveway and spray painted them all the same colour. I also purchased some small glass shades so now 5 different fixtures look brand new because of a can of spray paint and a few shades– a bargain in comparison to what it would cost to purchase 5 new lights.


If you’re still feeling brave swap out the outlets and plate covers. Updating those to new models can help a room feel newer. Just make sure you know what you’re doing or call a licensed electrician.


So not brave enough to electrical work? How about plumbing? I have replaced nearly every vanity in every house I have lived in. As long as the plumbing was done correctly, you should be able to simply swap things out in a few hours.


OK not that brave… how about changing some of the “softer” elements in your room. Putting up a new shower curtain, adding some fresh towels or swapping out the comforter can help bring new life into a room.


Now what about the outside? Landscaping can add instant appeal and equity to your home. Don’t want to spend a lot of time fussing over plants – do what I do – take pictures of your yard, determine which way that garden bed is facing and speak to the staff at your local nursery. They will tell you exactly what plants will fit your budget and interest level.


Need some more ideas on how to bring back the love with your home? Or are you ready to break up and find something new? Give me a call! We can work together so you feel at home this year.

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