How pets can impact your home purchase decision

Tuesday Dec 13th, 2016


It’s hard to believe it has only been a few weeks since the Wallace family grew by 2. Socks and Buddy were instantly welcomed into the brood by everyone, including Cinder, our 11 year old Cocker Spaniel. We were so happy that everyone was getting along and the kids fell instantly in love. Very quickly we realized that we made the right decision in adopting these little ones from the Humane Society and welcomed them into our family.


What also became apparent was that our home, as much as we love it for humans, was simply not equipped for our new fur-babies.  From the moment we brought them home we realized some prudent decisions needed to be made:

  • Where was the litter box going to go so that the kittens could easily access it, I could easily access it so I could clean it but the dog could not use it as her personal snack station?
  • Since the layout on the main floor is fairly open how would we control odour?
  • Where could we keep the food station so it wasn’t near the litter but humans and kittens could easily access it, the dog couldn’t and it wasn’t near the human food?


Our pets play an important role in our family and taking care of them has a direct impact on our everyday life. So how much weight should their needs take in making a new home purchase decision?


That really is a personal decision. For example, if you have a dog it will probably be important to you to have a nice sized backyard that is fenced. But what if you find your dream home and there’s no fence or not much of a backyard – should you keep looking? Not necessarily but it’s important to realize there may be some sacrifices:

  • Allocate some of your budget to building a fence or a dog run.
  • Take a few days off to train your dog if you put in an underground fence.
  • Get up a little earlier so you can go for an extra walk in the morning to ensure they get they exercise they need while accommodations for them are being constructed.
  • If there is no direct access to the backyard can a door be added?
  • Where will you clean their dirty paws when they come in?


For every problem there is likely a solution, but it is important to think about the needs of your entire family, even the furry ones, when considering what aspects are necessary in your new home. That is why it is so important to contact a real estate specialist when you first start your search. They can assist you in determining your needs and wants for your new home and how to overcome any obstacles along that journey.


Have any other questions? Just give me a call! I’m here to help you feel at home.

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