Tuesday Feb 21st, 2017


Yesterday was Family Day. It was also my grandmother's "birthday". You see, Grandma was born February 13th but always told people that her birthday was the 20th because, according to her, you celebrated your birthday on the day you were christened. Would have seemed plausable if it wasn't for the fact that no one else in her family, nor did any other families we know, celebrate that way. But that was Grandma. She made her own rules and her own sayings. My favourite was "I love my all my children equally I just don't love them the same".

Well as many who know me can attest, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. I like to start my own traditions and my previous coworkers started a list of Shelley-isms. I always felt that all families had them and that our family wasn't all that unique, you know, aside from just deciding what day your birthday is, so this is your chance to prove me right.

Tell us your favourite family saying, tradition or quirky thing that your relatives do in the comments below.  One entry will be chosen at random to win a $25 gift card to celebrate with your loved ones however you chose.  And don't be shy! As my father would say, "If you don't step up to the plate you have zero chance of getting on base"!


Shelley Wallace Feb 21, 2017
My favourite Larry'ism is "If you never step up to the plate you have zero chance of getting on base".
Karen Napolitano Feb 21, 2017
Never be afraid to fail! At least you tried! Then you can learn from what you tried then you will succeed. I always told my children this.
Dana Ariss Feb 22, 2017
My favourite Shelley-ism is "Six of one, half dozen of another."
Chad Lovell Feb 26, 2017
My favourite Shelley-ism is "we're having an international coffee moment..."
Kristyn Munroe Feb 27, 2017
Hmm I am going to share a another memory of my grandma (also Shelly's grandmother). Recently I started volunteering at the residence where she lived and I will be helping with happy hour. The first happy hour my grandma attend she was given an non-alcoholic beer at which she responded with "what this is not beer" to this day the residence now serves real beer.
Christine L. Feb 28, 2017
My mom alllways says "It is what it is". Can't say it's my favourite saying lol but it's pretty well known in my family. :)

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